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Soooo you mind sharing the specifics of those “two MAJOR mistakes”?

You’re clearly “not here to correct ‘experts’” because you don’t provide a single counterargument. If you want to critique one of the most well-informed educators in our space, maybe you should provide substance.

In this video clip Andreas poses no less than 4 key arguments…

  1. BTC and ETH are fundamentally different projects that do not directly compete (lion vs shark analogy).
  2. Investing in alt coins raises the entire market and BTC.
  3. ETH hasn’t dealt with any significant scalability / governance issues because of their relative immaturity compared to BTC.
  4. BTC could easily shard like ETH and still out perform it.

I would love to hear counterarguments to any of the points above. But your only link is to another fluff article about DASH masternodes?

Andreas speaks about these topics extemporaneously because he’s put in the work and critical thought related to all aspects of this new technology.

And what do you provide? Four paragraphs of fluffy bullshit to try and shill your own “consulting”. It’s pretty pathetic.