The Empire Strikes Back with a Coordinated War on Crypto
Daniel Jeffries

This article is the “Tur-duck-en” of idiotic crypto commentary…

Just because two unrelated actors have negative views of Bitcoin does not mean they conspired to “kill Bitcoin”. Instead of wasting all your time looking for cool memes, you should consider alternative rationales that are actually rooted in reality.

You went on that whole rant about “The Big Short”, but didn’t once mention USD Tether and it’s fraudulent inflation of market pricing. Sure, JP Morgan stands to lose if Bitcoin became the norm, but so does every other big financial trusted third party. You were too busy taking cliched swings at “The Man” to address the reality of rampant fraud inside of crypto.

Here’s the reality… Neither JP Morgan, nor China, were the parties responsible for **literally** printing hundreds of MILLIONS of fake dollars whenever they wanted. …That was Tether / Bitfinex.

The “Empire” didn’t strike back… The Jedis just got greedy and decided it was more important to have a dope lightsaber than worry about all that Force bullshit.