For @Elonmusk: 8 improvements for the Tesla UI
Hike One

While I admire the graphics and many of your rough ideas, I think you missed the two most critical parts that must be considered for an automobile UI…

1) Simplicity and Safety

Above all else, this UI will be used while the user is driving. I think your stacked dashboard helps simplify the organization, but the small size of your buttons will make it really tough to use. At best, the user mis-clicks; at worst, he / she takes their focus off of driving.

2) Contextual Awareness

I like your point about preconditioning, but I think you stopped short of its full potential. Your idea basically ends after the user gets behind the wheel. Right off the top of my head I can think of four unique driving states that could inform the UI…

  1. Initial Startup — User can choose a profile, fiddle with settings, and get situated before their trip.
  2. In Motion — The UI should be simplified to bare bones modules to prevent distraction. There might be a button on the passenger side that can allow non-drivers a wider array of options, but the focus is on distraction free driving at all times
  3. Temporarily Stopped — When the car is at rest for more than ~10 seconds, the UI breathes a bit and allows the user more options that were hidden in the above state.
  4. Highway Driving —Similar to State #3, when the car exceeds an average speed of 50mph for an extended period of time, the UI breathes and allows the user a bit more freedom for some modules like audio etc.