Gary Vaynerchuk | Being a content marketing animal

The internet has just began. None of this existed before.

Never forget about the lifetime value of a customer.

Let’s talk about depth vs width. We are scoring for the sake of awareness but not connecting it to sales.

Gary is focused on the attention graph. Why use Instagram when there are no conversions (2015)? Consuming information/photo and growing brand.

You need to use social platforms early before they become oversaturated.

Attention is what we give a shit about.

Saving Time is so valuable.

People don’t look at the right side of websites and internet. We have been trained not to look there because there are ads. It is a blind spot.

How to use Arbitrage.

Use Micro-Celebrities. Gary invested in which is an extremely powerful location-based influencer software.

The best ROI is not from scalable things. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it and it would be oversaturated.

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Originally published at Tyler Scott Bryden.

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