Living without Facebook

These days there is a fixation on social media that would have been unimaginable just twenty years ago. The undisputed king of social media, Facebook, has continued to grow its user base and along with that they have evolved into a primary outlet for advertisers. The endless advertising and business tools that continue to evolve on Facebook have turned the social network into a complete cesspool of ads that is making the social network incredibly undesirable to users. The abundance of poorly targeted ads has turned users off the platform and businesses have nothing but themselves to blame. I think the disaster that Facebook has turned into should serve as a lesson for advertisers. Instead of using the most popular platform to push ads to users, businesses need to develop more innovate ways to market to their audience in a less intrusive and more desirable way. I also think that social networks, such as Facebook, need to not let their network develop into something where user’s content is second to ads. The whole point of social media is for people to maintain communication with friends, not for people to peruse ads and news. Businesses need to stop pushing ads just because they can, they need to focus on building relationships and trust with current and potential customers by building a strong social media presence of their own that people actually want to view. If businesses are unable to change their tactics, then more people will abandon the platform in search of something less ad heavy.