TSCA Senior Spotlight

Part II

This week we’re featuring the other half of our senior class. We’re so proud of this high-achieving bunch (who, by the way, are all members of the National Honor Society!)

Elizabeth Saucedo

Elizabeth played volleyball throughout her high school career, and is involved in Student Council and Chapel Committee. She is a professional mutltitasker, juggling school, extracurricular activities, and a job.

A couple of her favorite memories at TSCA include the Washington, D.C. trip, as well as the Homecoming pep rally her Junior year, saying, “The excitement was really unbelievable.”

Elizabeth’s plans after high school are to attend college, studying Nursing, with a minor in Spanish. After practicing for a couple years, she hopes to do some missionary work.

Her time at TSCA has prepared her for the obstacles life will throw her way. As far as life after high school, Elizabeth isn’t worried, because “I’ve learned that God will always be there to guide me.”

Daisy Murillo

Daisy stays busy cheering on the Crusaders, and in her free time, she likes to volunteer. She spent two years of high school volunteering at Dallas Methodist, and she regularly volunteers at her church events and at neighboring schools. Daisy’s heart of service is an example to follow!

Like her classmates, Daisy loved the trips the she’s taken through TSCA. Her freshman year, she was able to go to San Antonio, and then to Washington, D.C. the next year.

After high school, Daisy plans to attend a university and study Biology. She hopes to then one day attend medical school to become a pediatric neurologist. Though the incessant homework can be tough, Daisy says the difficulties she’s faced in school allowed her to strengthen her study skills and ability to tackle large amounts of work.

Brandy Hayes

We’re hard pressed to find anything Brandy doesn’t do. She’s a teacher’s assistant. She’s involved with Student Council, Chapel Committee, and National Honor Society. Then outside of school, she spends time with her youth group.

Some of her favorite memories at TSCA include Homecoming her freshman year, her sophomore prom, and the class trip to San Antonio.

As far as life after high school, Brandy is still deciding between a few colleges including Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University and Dallas Baptist University. She plans to study Business Information Systems and become an IT Specialist.

Brandy says her time at TSCA challenged her to push harder when she doesn’t understand things. Sometimes the future can be scary, but the sky is the limit for Brandy: “With God’s help and support, anything is possible.”

David Drake

Just like his classmates, David has built an impressive resume throughout his high school career. As a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, and the Robotics Club, David is all over campus. He is the videographer for Crusader Athletics, and he spends his free time volunteering at Fellowship Christian Academy in the First Lego League.

Some of David’s favorite memories include the time he dressed up as Mario (with Daniel as Luigi) for Spirit Week and spending long nights recording the teams’ games. He says he’ll also remember being complimented on his reading of the daily announcements, and being chosen as a Student of Impact.

David says TSCA has prepared him by allowing him to grow academically, socially, and spiritually as a person, and that through this school he was able to build a foundation for himself. After graduation, David plans on attending college and studying video game design.

We’ll be so sad to see this bunch leave, but we can’t wait to watch them thrive!