Emotional Aspect of Being Healthy

Earlier in one of my medium posts, there was a video that I shared about a TED Talk about the true meaning of being healthy. One of the meanings of being healthy that was explained in the video was having a good emotional state.

This week I had an personal experience of the opposite of having a good emotional state. It was devastating. I felt empty and all I did this weekend was absorb all the pain and sadness. At first, I felt helpless and all I wanted to do was be the laziest person in the world, but being a person who lurks around Reddit, there were many others who experienced the same.

There were comments upon comments from different people on Reddit who helped others go through difficult moments. I read many comments as I kept being lazy during the week. The comments were probably the most helpful comments I have ever read. Some of the comments explained that even though you are going through up and downs in life, you always have a choice. Each day, you have a choice to make it good or bad, and to make it as productive as possible.

I made a decision after that, I decided to make all my days as productive as possible. Doing one positive thing a thing this week lifted that emotional state up. It made life a little easier, and also expressing it in this post adds to the ease. The first thing I did was lifting weights. I feel that when I lift weights, all the stress that has been put upon me, it is lifted away during that moment. The only thing on my mind and on my body is the the weight at hand, and making sure it is lifted. Knowing that I can lift that weight, adds to the meaning that I can lift this stress away.

Everything just seems to disappear during that moment, and its one of the best moments especially during a emotional state.

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