My research experience has been like a roller coaster so far! Trying to maintain a healthy life style is quite difficult, but it is still manageable for me.

Throughout this week its been kind of hard because of my exam I had for Film Studies. At the beginning of the week, I felt that everything was going smoothly and school was not too bad. Until Wednesday when I had to take the test. It was probably the hardest test I have taken so far. I thought I was prepared for it, but I blanked out as soon as I began to take it.

Afterwards, I felt horrible and did not want to do anything because my mentality towards school felt weaker than it has ever been. Later that day, exercising and staying healthy, was not in the schedule at all because I had to focus on my chemistry homework. My mentality did not help at all during the homework, and I felt much lazier.

Every night I tend to watch a live streamer on who does 3D modeling live. And he is very close to his viewers, and I like having conversations with him because the field I want to get into is quite similar to his. That same night as I was doing chemistry homework, I told him I disliked school, and he knows I am always doing homework as I listen to the live stream. Then he said, “ Tyang (my username), bud, at least your always getting your work done, and just know that your doing a lot better than all the people who don’t even do their work,”.

This was the push or remainder that I needed to stay on track. So far after Wednesday, the rest of the week has been great. My workouts and eating habits the last few days been a lot better compared to last week. The healthy life style contributes a lot to how I do in school, and I just happened to slip once this week, but I was able to get back on track.

Next week, I will focus more on how others life styles affected their education.

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