One issue that I’ve faced with most online communities is finding a dope one. Finding something that clicks with you. But how do design a product that engineers niche products. vBulletin is probably the best product created because it’s so open. It’s just a message board. But message boards can be done better. There is something about the top down list that is beautiful. But also there is something wrong. There is that pressure to not pollute the board. But if we created something intelligent, that can deal with the pollution, then noobs and trolls can pollute all they want. Rambling for another day.

Another issue for communities is that they always seem to monetize.
What would be something cool that a community should have.
Threads. Chat. Video streams are cool. A small group of people would be nice. Lurkers should be encouraged. It’s like a play. There are a certain amount of actors that are displayed, but the actors are created naturally.

Cubes. Web. Brain. It should reflect the brain. Parralel Processing. All at once. Heat maps. Activity. Streams.

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