Knowing The Black Rubber : Tyre And Its Story


A tyre is the soul of a vehicle. It is needed to run the automobile, align it and keep the passenger safe, but do you know how these tyres came into being? Why they are made? Why are there different ones for different vehicles? Let’s find out everything about them.

History of Tyres

We all have seen the chariots from our childhoods. That’s how wheel developed. The wood ones, but later on the tyre bands came into being. The earliest tire bands were made of leather and placed on the wood wheels to be used on carts and wagons, as these travelled long distances and with a lot passengers or stuff on it. There tire would first be heated in fire and then placed over the wheel causing metal to contract and fit tightly. There was a person skilled in this called the wheelwright, because he always got the placement correct. The outer portions were tied together to provide grip and wear resistance surface to the perimeter of the wheel.

The first patent of the pneumatic tyres appeared in the 1847 but never went into production. The first ever was made in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop and thus started the league of high performance tires. The surname is familiar to us as he was the father of tyres. It was he who realised that rubber could withstand wear and tear as tyre and still maintain its resilience. Although, his patent was rejected as the earlier patent filed in 1847 was given as the real one. Still he worked had ad we have the results!

In 1946, Michelin developed the radial tire method of construction and the car tires world took another turn. It was definitely a superior product and also economical on fuel consumption.

Since then, there has been a growth in the tyre industry. Altogether put, we have a huge number of tyres and the type is endless. Each year 1 million tyres are being produced annually in over 400 factories!

Why are they important?

Well one of the leading reasons is that to run the vehicle. If it weren’t for the tyres, travelling would still be on foot. For any automobile with no matter how much technology, depends upon the tyre to run.

Further, a tyre is needed to maintain wheel alignment and also protect it from spoilage. It gives a grip to the vehicle and also prevent skids on the vehicle. Simply put an automobile can’t work without a tyre. It’s the soul of the tyre, it what keeps it going.

For different vehicles there are different tyres to ensure proper grip and that the weight of the tyre is properly adjusted. Further, the grooves in the tyre differ as per the vehicle to be certain about the road performance.

The black rubber is what keeps the vehicle going and it also keeps us going!