The world of wheels!


Tyres are the life of vehicle. Would any transporter, work without a tyre? No obviously. A wheel without its rubber is soulless. A vehicle would come to a halt after a while, if the rubber is separated. It simply can’t survive and transportation in any manner won’t be possible. A train, truck or a bicycle needs the rounder to work.

What makes them so IMPORTANT?

For a safe and comfortable ride! Wheels can’t align without a tyre. It gives them a direction and makes sure of the alignment on the road.

Relax, no bumps. The rubbers are such that take up all the pressure and don’t let the driver feel the bumps on the road.

For steering. What would the steering wheel do without the tyre? The tyre manufacturers made sure that steering could be done comfortably.

Brake! Thanks to these wheel rubbers, we are able to break and it also helps to reduce friction in case of speed. We survive because of it.

It’s the grip that keeps us going on the road and still be safe!

What are the Tyres MADE of?

Tyres have common materials in making, but what the tyre brands do to have an edge over the others, well if we would know that technology, it will be lethal! For now, let’s check out the other materials. A tyre consists of the following:

Cords: To provide tensile strength required to control the inflation pressure.

Elastomer: It forms the tread and covers the cords to hold them in place. Usually made of synthetic material, is an important component.

Tread: It is that part which comes in contact with the road and creates traction.

Rain Grooves: Wouldn’t the water get stuck? Nope, the rain grooves make sure that water flows out and away from the footprint.

Inner tubes: Installed in majorly all the vehicles, are balloon shaped, made of synthetic materials, to prevent air leakage.

Piles: To hold the tyre in shape so that it doesn’t stretch due to pressure, layers of chord are installed to ensure the same. The level of deep cuts a puncture makes! Now you can understand it!

So many things and so much brains in this circumference, mind-blowing! This explains why a tyre isn’t available at bargain’s price. Buying one is really pocket pinching. You have to take care of these because it’s very expensive. Tyre maintenance isn’t that tough, just keep them inflated.

There are a lot of brands providing A class tyres, but it all comes down on your requirements. See, your vehicles, the brands reviews, maintenance and pricing. On these basis you would be able to get the right tyre for your automobile. It is a onetime investment so be wise, rest is all about sustenance of the same!