When Should You Replace Your Car Tyres?

Car owners throughout the world are more than acquainted with the amount of maintenance it takes to keep a car running for some years. Indeed, the amount of work and replacements that require to be made can be hard to keep up with after some time.

That being said, there are some components of a car that shouldn't be ignored. Tyres certainly fall in the type of parts that need to be changed and maintained on a regular basis. This is important to note as many people overlook their tyres to focus on other parts of the car, for example the engine. And for those with mostly low-cost car tyres, this can be hazardous.

When tyres to be replaced

Tyres are used for safety. The main function of the tyre is to allow the car to move. But, the primary job of the tread on the tyre is to keep water away from the part as one. This offers the vehicle traction, and that is particularly essential in wet weather. When the tread on a tyre wears down, it presents a safety issue. In these cases the tyres need to be changed as rapidly as possible.

Several factors add to wearing down of a tyre tread. But, if the driver spends an excessive amount of time in great conditions, for example off-roading or driving through hilly areas with ice and snow conditions, the tread will weaken faster than a city driver’s treads.

Test car’s thread

The procedure of testing a car’s treads isn’t difficult. When the car seems to be losing traction, simply check the tread form of the tyre. Tyres sold everywhere come furnished with small bars between every tread termed “tread wear bars.” They may be amid the treads or running across the tyre itself. When the tread wear bar is flush with the tread of the tyre, it’s time for replacement.

Penny method

One less formal technique of testing the treads on one’s tyres is what’s famous as the “penny method.” This involves sticking a copper penny inside the tread of the tyre. The point is to test the depth of the tread. As an instruction, if the top of the Queen’s head is noticeable after introducing the penny in the tyre, it’s time replace it.

For those living in states without access to pennies, one choice is to use a tread-depth gauge. This will cost a bit of money but the advantage is that these devices are highly perfect, beyond a doubt whether or not the tyre needs replacement. These devices can be bought from any auto supply store and they are very accessible.

It’s also essential to check all tyres when seeking tread wear. The level of tread wear is unlike from tyre to tyre. This is essential to note, as it can mean the tyres are cock-eyed and need to be replaced.

In addition to these tips the general rule is to replace vehicle tyres every six years, as the extreme service life for almost all tyres is 10 years. Low-priced car tyres may need to be replaced more regularly than this.

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