All genders will be erased in the light of science

On October 21. The New York Times published an article: ‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration, and according to this article, Department of Health and Human Services will define gender as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable. The agency’s proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with”, The Times article says.

I am curious, how any administration could do this since nature does not recognize any stable line between male and female sex characteristics.

United Nations suggests in the Intersex Awareness campaign that even 1,7% of humans have an intersex type of physiology. WHO writes in the article Gender and Genetics: “The identification of an individual as either biologically male or female can have legal ramifications for marriage licenses, spousal support and eligibility for parenthood”, but still: “The issue of sexual classification, however, is complicated by factors such as chromosomal complement, external genitalia, gender identification and surgical alteration.”

Sex characteristics reveal bimodally in a cluster of male-female typical traits. The line between biological male and female characteristics is as much an artificial likewise pseudo-legal race definition marque in the dark racist history. Both gender and race are social constructions; Racially defined physiological characteristics and sex-related characteristics appears in full spectrum without any specific line between.

In the level of reproductive cells, sex is two-folded for fertilizer and fertilized type cells. However, in the biotechnological view, this line is even more difficult to define, because stem cell can raise in the lab on both types of gametes. In theory, all humans can present both sexes, and the question is time how long it takes when humans can reproduce offspring by using this technique that works already with some animals.

However, uterus transplant for the male-type body is possible, and also — first three-parent baby has born.

Gender is a socially constructed

Dr Jemina Repo, lecturer in the Politics of Gender, in Newcastle University wrote in the journal Alternatives: Global, Local, Political already at 2013 that gender was invented by American researchers and psychiatrists in the 1950s. In that time, the common belief was that newborn mind was ‘tabula rasa’ — ‘Blank slate’, likewise Aristotle considered in Ancient Greece.

Repo explains how sexologist Dr John Money with his colleagues “showed how all the seven variables of sex, that is, assigned sex, gonadal sex, chromosomal sex, hormonal sex, external genital morphology, internal accessory reproductive structures, and gender role took various combinations among the research subjects.”, and they wrote several articles to prove that “Gender had little to do with the physical body — it [gender] was learned after birth.”

The theory that anyone could raise as a male or a female was useful for doctors who wanted to perform surgery for genital ‘normalization’ for newborns who had intersex-type genitals. Albeit there wasn’t always any medical reason for this, doctors could convince parents they can raise their children to learn that gender what was chosen by a doctor. “Gender became an instrument of discipline to manage and normalise patients”, Repo writes. The sad thing was, that many times doctors have chosen the wrong gender, and many patients suffered gender dysphoria as an adult.

Later, afterwards feminist movement and social scientists adopted the idea of psychological sex to prove that biology isn’t a destiny.

Everyone’s sex-related traits manifests in a personal cluster of male-female type characteristics and non-typical variations are as normal as typical in evolutionary perspective; evolution is a change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection.

A man and a woman is an abstract idea of divided sex, but no 100% biological male or female exists. All humans possess female- and male-typical physiological traits like estrogen and testosterone but that the line in the level of hormone-related sex characteristics is drawn on water, even most have male- or female-typical characteristics.

In the light of science, gender definition will disappear as like race, which both are social constructions. No woman, no man exists if we are searching 100% male or female type characteristics because all humans do have both typical hormones for example. The line between male/female testosterone and estrogen levels is drawn on water.

When The Administration opens the door for scientific gender definition, they open doors for equal marriages as well as they break all rules and laws that set anyone in unequal position by their sex characteristics. In the end, the only way to define anyone’s gender is to ask it personally.

Instead of defining sex as a subject like a male or a female, adjectives would work better. A female human or a male human describes a person’s characteristic without boxing them in the ambiguous gender box.

Sex-Gender -logo by Susa Tyrniluoto. The logo consists chromosomal, physiological and social levels.

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