What if asylum applications was dealt with an international institution?

We witness a humanitarian catastrophe, when nations asylum policy is kind of race to the bottom, where each country is trying to make itself less attractive to asylum seekers than in neighboring countries.

I live in Finland and it is heart breaking to read headlines of news when more and more people are send to their home countries which are definitely not safe. Fascism is sadly rising up in Finland when populist politicians spreads fear towards people from unfamiliar cultural background and that makes me think how many refugees we can take without loosing the battle against racism.

Instead of forcing people to travel dangerous roads for seeking safe place to live what if the application for asylum could be made on internet for a international administration of asylum procedures? What if receiving country could get compensation for integrating people from hostile countries by order of International Criminal Court (ICC)?

The process of asylum seeking would be fair regardless receiving country refugee policy and one spike of racist discussion would be dull if there was no extra costs for the nation.

Process of international asylum prosecution could be arranged quite simply, if states would give up the rights of the asylum processing to the future established international organization in which decisions could have weight in the ICC’s reading. I do not know ICC’s competence for authoring penalties for countries which do not care about human rights but it would sound a fair world.