On a whim:

For me I found it was difficult to say something is so, just because I say it is so. Because if I say “this is how I am, this is how I am going to be” there’s no validity (from my old perspective). The reason why I felt there was no validity was that I believed there must be some condition that I have to complete in order to feel that way. Lets say I want to be confident, okay well what do confident people do? Well they do this, they do that, they do A, B, and C. Well okay, I can’t be confident just to be confident, because that’s not valid in my eyes. I have to do A, B, and C. I have to do the conditions in order to be confident (you can replace confidence with whatever state of being you like).

I Remember talking to my girl and I was thinking that I need to go to college, because I have great philosophical ideas, and I want to express them to the world. So I was saying there was this well known person who is in the same field that I want to be in, and I was thinking what was the difference between him and me? If I went on stage and have no background, no one knows anything about me, and I say all these great things, yet from my point of view what I was saying wouldn’t seem valid. So I was thinking what would be the difference between him and me? The difference (at least from what I assume) is that he went to college, has a degree, and studied all these things. Therefor, that brings validity. He has a paper that says this is what he did. So it creates validity, and if I don’t go to college I had this idea that I am just this “joe shmoe” that is just saying these random things on a whim. I know that I wanted to go to college to get a degree, and the main reason was so my ideas would be accepted, due to having went through the educational system, I would have a Phd, masters, or a Doctorate. So whatever I am saying now in relation to that subject is now valid. But if I didn’t have that, went a different route, did my own research, talked about my own ideas, I would feel like nothing that I said had validity. So what I am finding out is that if don’t go to college, I feel that all that I would share would be completely on a whim. I would be saying this is the way it is because this is the way it is, and it feels as if there is no validity in that. But I am not saying there is no validity, that may be where true validity comes from.

I got down to the root of it and you have two ways, you have unconditional and conditional. The unconditional decision, is where you say its so because you say its so, basically on a “whim” meaning from nothing. Now the conditional decision, is which you need to do some prerequisites or conditions in order for it to be so.

I found that if I didn’t go to college I would be in a place of saying this is so because this is so, being unconditional. When you’re unconditional in that way, its based off of a whim or from nothing. All entrepreneurs, all their ideas and their structure that they built their businesses upon are off of a “whim” meaning there was no structure there previously. They had to say “okay this is this way, this is that way” all off of a whim or from nothing. Look at all the businesses, someone had to create that structure of the business. That’s based from nothing and now you have huge companies with all people that are within it following the structure as “this is how it has to be done”. But that structure was based off of a whim. So if I didn’t go to college I would be doing everything based off a whim, in the exact way I described the entrepreneurs, that can create structure out of thin air.

Looking at the entrepreneurs/ CEO’s that build the structure. Who built the structure? Someone or a group of people had to say this is the way it is because this is the way it is, (sure with good reason) someone had to create that structure from nothing. Remember I was afraid to say that “this is so because this is so”. Well it just so happens that all businesses, education systems etc. Are all based off of saying “this is so because this is so”. If that’s the case what makes their decisions any more valid than mine or yours. How more valid are they than you and I? The condition that I placed on myself saying how I have to complete X, Y, and Z, was based off another human being saying that “this is so because this is so”. So if you make a decision from a conditional standpoint, you’re still making a decision from a whim, it’s just from someone else’s whim. If you understand that your conditions that you place upon yourself (so you can be the way you want to be) are just as whimsical as you saying that “it is so because you so say it is so” then maybe you’ll have freedom to actually choose, because its the exact same thing. It’s all on a whim. When it comes down to it, everything is from nothing.

Whats going to happen if you literally have no conditions placed on you? And whatever you say goes? Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to be; you are it now. You are now it, and that’s how you are going to act regardless of the circumstance why? Because thats what you want to be unconditionally. What happens when you are that? There will be nothing to conquer. There’s no hump to get over because the hump is just the prerequisites that you used to place on yourself. If you find yourself doing humps, they’re not humps because you are already it. They’ll be more like expressions of the fact that your it, instead of a prerequisites that you have to complete in order to finally be what you want to be.

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