Is Electric Vehicles Great for Urban Residents?

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) has been steadily growing in the automotive industry and slowly but surly it is replacing combustion engines. Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable in todays market. Owning a electric car mean no more pumping at the gas and smelling that wonderful geenhouse gases!! BUT there is one problem that can slow down the sales of of electric vehicle to the masses and that is the convenience of juicing up your PEV. Everyone thinks electrical vehicles are great and meant for cities but it isn’t so great if you own a electric car and live in the city. Usually suburban owner can just park in their garage and charge up their EV. Majority of the cities dwellers don’t have personal garages and park their car on the streets. This will prevent people from switching over to electric vehicle because it would not be convenient. I know that Tesla have those super charger stations that can juice up in only twenty-ish minutes to get about 80% capacity... although I love where the technology advances in the automotive world is taking us, I still think we are going to smell that fresh greenhouse gases for a couple of years to come..

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