house is the new music

Leeds/ reading festival is one of the biggest fest festival in the uk or it used to be. Over the last couple of years, the line up as because a lot more poorer compares to other festivals about. This is because of the kind of headlines they are getting people are not interested.

For me Leeds fest is somewhere to go to finished the summer off before going back to uni, its somewhere you can have laugh with your friends enjoy the 5 days of freedom with your friends before coming back home because now its getting harder and Hader to see friends that you normal would see a lot of them but because a lot of are all going to different uni or working its sadly because hard. I won’t be going to Leeds fest this year im going to be trying a new festival one called cream fields and I’ve chosen to do this because I was so disported with the headliners at Leeds fest this year, Eminem is heading again this year and it will be the third time that he’s headlined at the festival and because the headlines are being so recycled people are not interested because they have seen them. Three years ago it was s hard to get a Leeds fest ticket because they will just sell out but now they are doing things were you can become ambastiur, this is were you sell tickets to your friends so that you can get a ticket for free, this is a good thing they are promoting there tickets but also bad because its just shows that people are wanting to bye there tickets anymore.

Over the last couple of years house music has become more popuper people are wanting to go raves/events to see djs preform, so its no surprise that Leeds fest isn’t popuer anymore because they don’t do a lot of dj set there so people are going to spring fest and cream fields because they are full of house music and that’s what people are wanting to go see.

I have being speaking to a music lover, below is what Jason brook has to say about music.

leeds fest camp
me n my friends at leeds fest
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