CTS — Cultural Objects 27th October

When looking at anything that we may use in our academic or professional lives it is very important to ask the following questions.

  • What are you looking at?
  • Which one?
  • Who made it?
  • When was it made?
  • Why was it made?
  • Where was it made?
  • How was it made?

These questions allow whoever is to approach the task outlined for them with a rich amount of information so long as they documentate just about anything one may require to write a piece about what they’ve experienced. All of this depends on how sufficient the information one wrote on the matter that is of course.

When looking at getting higher marks in assignments we should be using our knowledge clearly displaying what the writer understands about the subject. There are extra marks for showing researtch and even giving constructive critisism on the outlaying topic. Here are some tips from Dr Hague:

  1. Things to think about to gain a higher grade “I like that because” or “This is interesting to me because”
  2. Record then reflect.

Example work from a Group Task

Read and analyse a Graphic Novel

What are you looking at?
Death of the Artist

Which one?
Book, illustration and photography collated to create it

Who made it?
Written by Carrie Fransman and four friends who are artists that came together to share their stories on leaving their youth behind to grow up as they’re struggling live out their dreams and making careers out of being artists whilst trying to be adults.

When was it made?
Made in 2015 it was published but the original trip that started the Graphic Novel was in August 2013

Why was it made?
To discuss the way how we kill our inner artist growing up

Where was it made?
It was first published in Britain

How was it made?
Gathering personal experiences that have been used to inform an audience who are interested in creativity.

What is it about?
Karrie Fransman took four friends from university to a cottage in Peak District in 2013 to explore creativity and hendonism. During this trip they told each other stories and eventually came up with a theme of discussing death of the artist.

In this the book they set out with the narrative of discussing the death of the inner artist whilst giving information leading up to the topic such as exploring themes of creation and distructions of ones inner artist due to the sometimes harsh realities of life.