Apr 30, 2016 · 2 min read

What’s Employees’ Provident Fund?

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The Employees’ Provident Fund is given by a business with the same name from the Government of India. It’s a social security organization and gives pension benefits to the enormous variety of organized workforce in the country. Let’s see the benefits of it.

On this scheme, 12 % with the employee’s wages are deducted with the organization with an equal amount is contributed with the employer also. It is done in establishments that have got an employee strength of 20 or above. In such cases, many of these organizations must are categorized as the jurisdiction with the scheme.

The present interest rates is 9.Five percent around the deposits manufactured by the worker. The staff member gets a pension on his retirement or there is provision to the payment of your fixed figure to his family on his untimely death.


Easy distribution of pension is amongst the great things about certainly. Under certainly, a staff member has to make an account with the registered banks for payment of pension. Following your retirement in the employee, pension is disbursed by the organization towards the employee concerned. All banks with tie ups usually provide a zero balance account for the pension holders. The pensioners usually obtain pension prior to tenth day’s every month.

The challenge behind the scheme is its reach. It is hard to find all organizations by having an employee strength of 20 or more. Nokia’s be forced to pay a regular membership for the organization this also subscription rate also prevents the organizations to become listed on the scheme. Though the government is intending to help make the scheme a more attractive and. generally the scheme is an excellent tool for social security.

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