Solidarity from across Canada as Trudeau’s Kinder Morgan decision looms

From coast to coast to coast, people are sharing messages of solidarity #UnitedAgainstPipelines

In B.C., major mobilizations are underway to urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reject the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposed by the U.S.-based multinational Kinder Morgan.

Even as they work to stop Energy East, First Nations and community activists in Quebec are reaching out to people in B.C. and the West urging them to stay strong in opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. Here are some of the voices from the West urging us all to stand united against pipelines.

At this crucial time, with Trudeau about to make a decision on Kinder Morgan, people across the country are united their voices in solidarity. You can add your message by Tweeting of posting on other social media using the hashtags #UnitedAgainstPipelines and #EnsembleContreLesPipelines

“We are with you out west. Your fight is our fight. Not only because no matter where they go, pipelines threaten the right to water, but these pipes also accelerate climate change. We all need to do what we can to slow these changes that we will alter the conditions of life on earth. All our children should also have the right to an environment that permits them to live in dignity when they grow up.” — Alexa LeBlanc, Montréal

“If humanity as a whole is threatened by climate change, everyone in Canada is threatened… We must heed the warnings that the science has been sending us for years now. Their climate ‘skeptics’ are very dangerous people who are trying to those our eyes to the biggest menace facing humanity. This is our last chance to act, we won’t get another one!” — Denis Desmeules, Quebec City

“From coast to coast we must refuse these pipelines — for our health and for the health of our water, air, and our environment.” — Martine Chatelain, Montreal, Quebec

“We will win the battle against pipelines with solidarity and by being scientifically rigorous. Let us oppose pipelines and the expansion of the tar sands and of fracking for gas.” — André Bélisle, Frampton, Quebec

“Let us unite our voices against all new pipeline projects. We need to tell Trudeau to be consistent and choose the climate over pipelines.” — Céline Lachapelle, St-Colomban, Québec

“Together against tar sands expansion, together for the protection of water, solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.” — Katherine Massam, Très-St-Rédempteur, Québec

“We support you 100% in your struggle against fossil fuel exploitation because of climate change, the protection of water, and the protection of the health and security of all citizens. Neither west nor east, no new pipelines.” — Alerte Pétrole Rive-Sud, Boucherville, Quebec

Add your message of solidarity to everyone standing up to Kinder Morgan and Energy East. On Twitter, be sure to use the French hashtag #EnsembleContreLesPipeline as well as #UnitedAgainstPipelines so allies in Quebec can see your message. Help us keep growing this coast to coast conversation!