United Against Pipelines Across Canada

Big Oil likes to portray the communities opposed to their reckless pipeline projects as “NIMBYs,” people who just don’t want a particular project in their backyard.

The federal government, for its part, has indicated it plans to approve a new tar sands export pipeline. It just hasn’t said which pipeline that will be. So it’s to their benefit if movements opposed to pipelines stay divided in their regional silos.

That’s why it’s so important that we build bridges and share our stories. People want to protect their local coasts and waterways from disastrous oil spills, yes, but they also oppose pipelines because of the impact they will have on all of us and our planet.

All across Canada, a historic movement has been taking shape. When we link arms across his vast country, we can see our true power. From Quebec to B.C., from New Brunswick to Alberta, people are coming together to stand united against pipelines.

With a decision on Kinder Morgan coming soon from the federal government, people from across Quebec are sending solidarity to B.C. and the west coast. Messages of support have been shared by André Bélisle from Frampton, Martine Chatelain from Montreal, Céline Lachapelle from St-Colomban, Denis Desmeules from Quebec City, Hélène Boily from Lévis, Patricia Domingos from Sainte-Justine-de-Newton, Alexa LeBlanc from Montreal, and the organization Alerte Pétrole Rive-Sud in Boucherville.

Many on the west coast are returning the favour, sending their solidarity back to all those opposing Energy East. This includes Karl Perrin from Burnaby, B.C., Lawrence Boxall from Vancouver, and June Wells from North Vancouver.

Shirley Samples, a Vancouver resident who became active against the Kinder Morgan pipeline, has a simple message to the people of Quebec, New Brunswick, and all those along the Energy East pipeline route: “Keep fighting! If we all stand together, from coast to coast to coast, we can win this.”

When it comes to intercontinental, coast to coast resistance, Indigenous peoples are showing us all the way. The recently announced the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion brings together First Nations from across Canada and the United States in a mutual defence agreement opposed to all tar sands exports pipelines across Indigenous lands.

Join us NOW in standing #UnitedAgainstPipelines, #EnsembleContreLesPipelines

If you support this vital struggle to protect our lands and our climate from further disruption, send a message of support to your sisters and brothers across the country and across the language divide:

Here are a few sample tweets or Facebook posts (customize as you like but important to keep hashtags so we can find it!):

I stand with my sisters and brothers from coast to coast! #ensemblecontrelespipelines #unitedagainstpipelines #StopKM #StopÉnergieEst

From BC to Quebec, people power is coming together to block pipelines. Join us! #ensemblecontrelespipelines #unitedagainstpipelines

For the climate & our communities: Together against pipelines! #ensemblecontrelespipelines #unitedagainstpipelines #StopKM #StopÉnergieEst

When you’re on Twitter or Facebook, track these two hashtags: #ensemblecontrelespipelines and #unitedagainstpipelines.

See a post from across the country? Reply to your allies and show your support. Whether in English or in French, your expression of solidarity means a lot to them!

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