Most Ukrainians Want Russia to Return Crimea: Survey

The majority of people in mainland Ukraine want Russia to return Crimea. That’s according to results of a survey by Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy. Over a thousand people in 77 towns were interviewed for the survey.

The big Crimea question. Ukrainians’ decisive answer. According to the Ministry’s poll, 86 percent of mainland Ukrainians want the peninsula returned. 60 percent believe that it will be regained.

Yuliya Kazdobyna, Advisor to Information Policy Minister

It is very important to establish bilateral communication. It’s not that we do something and then say to society: ‘This is how it`s going to be’. The authorities should actually hear from society. Where there might be a misunderstanding, we need to listen to what people have to say to us.

And people do indeed talk. They say that the peninsula hasn’t been forgotten after three years of occupation. That they haven’t lost hope of its return. Meanwhile, Crimeans’ hopes for a bright future with Russia are growing dimmer.

Alim Aliyev, Cofounder Of “CrimeaSOS” NGO

As for the pro-Russian residents of Crimea, they first had this illusion that Russia would come and everything would change. That it would be sort of a reincarnation of the Soviet Union, but they faced quite a different reality, which was harsher than they expected. But they are afraid to talk about this publicly. And this is one of the main trends of today.

Ukrainian society’s thoughts and opinions will be used to lead, at least, an informational reintegration of Crimea. The Ministry of Information Policy is developing this program, one aimed at informing the world, mainland Ukraine and the peninsula that — Crimea is Ukraine.

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