Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers Approves Priority Action Plan for 2017

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has unanimously approved the priority action plan for the Government of Ukraine until 2020 and a similar plan for 2017.

According to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, the plan contains five main goals. They are the economic development of the country, achievement of effective management, development of human capital assets, defense issues, and fighting corruption.

A draft order of the priority action plan for 2017 and a priority action plan until 2020 were approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The plans five main goals. They include building a competitive economy, increasing the life expectancy of Ukrainians, minimizing poverty, ensuring the rule of law, fighting corruption, and ensuring security and defense.

Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine
To allow everyone, especially society, to understand, where the country is going, what we strive to do. So that all the government institutions could understand the unity of our goal, which we want to achieve and to participate in the process of achieving it.

The plan involves the simplification of the tax administration, deregulation, industrial development, assistance in attracting investments, and conquering new markets. The government wants to implement a land reform plan until 2020, and create a system responsible for the quality and safety of food products. Specifically, a program to support agriculture.

Oleg Ustenko, Executive Director of the Bleyzer Foundation
Without the development caused by investing, without being a part of the global system of labor specialization, the world system of more innovative development, we, unfortunately, are doomed to stay in an extractive region which we would really rather not want to be in.

The financing of medicine will be increased. More than 40% of the whole healthcare budget will be sent directly to the local level. The government promises to increase pensions in the middle of the fall.

Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine
The next point is effective management. We will never be able to effectively resolve problems of the development of our country if we don’t build a strong government body which would be able to adequately respond to challenges.

The priorities of the 2020 plan also include the support of youth and sports. Specifically the Olympics and Paralympics. Already this year the respective infrastructure will receive almost 13 million dollars for recovery.

Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine
The rule of law is a separate problem, as well as the fight against corruption. I strongly wish that the Ukrainian court would become the most respected branch of government in our country.

The plan also involves the support of defense and internal security. This year more than 5% of GDP will be spent to finance these sectors. The occupied territories were not forgotten. An implementation of a strategy of liberation and reintegration was written in the draft. According to the Prime Minister, the new road map must ensure that the annual GDP will increase by 4 to 5%.

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