Employment Opportunities and University Degrees Related to the UAV Industry

Drones as they are widely called come in various types and sizes and each requires a particular pilot to fly them. Drone pilots or operators are widely needed in various sectors in order to perform certain tasks. A drone pilot is needed to operate a commercial drone for taking wedding photographs, conducting a search and find operation, taking an aerial view of a city, and other services. Drone pilots are considered as one of the widely searched occupations because its demand increases as its need rises. Drone pilots are employed by telecommunication companies to perform weather forecast; the movie industry also makes use of drone pilots for filming movie scenes and taking exceptional photographs.

The UAV industry is very wide and as such has over the years made job opportunities available to people who are interested in working in the UAV industry. The industry has greatly improved without waiting for the government’s fund or investment. The industry is filled with private investors who are interested in the growth of the industry and are always ready to invest in drone technology. According to the report published by Beth Stevenson in 2015, Consultancy Teal Group carried out a market research and predicted that there will be an inevitable increase in the UAV market revenue from 4 billion to 14 billion annually. Philip Finnegan, the Director of Corporate Analysis stated that the market is strong as a result of the new technologies being built and also the development of new marketing structures and ideas such as the commercial and civil drones. This development has helped in creating more job opportunities in the industry. The commercial drone is built for commercial use. These kinds of drones are mostly used by commercial companies or private individuals. The civil drone was created for the military to carry out specific tasks. The civil drone is mostly used for intelligence purposes and they can also be used during war and to also upgrade a country’s security.

As technology changes and improves, new kinds of drones are built and different uses are being discovered every day. This increases the need and demand for drones, and as a result increases the demand for experts in drone making and operators. According to the report published by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International, it stated that more than 100,000 jobs will be created in a few years. As soon as the UAV industry makes drones for commercial use, its market will grow and more jobs will be created. In the drone industry, an individual can decide from the numerous career paths available in the industry from a UAV pilot to an aerial photographer or videographer, to a 3D mapping career, to journalism and so on.

The UAV industry is ready to deploy graduates out of school if interested in flying drones. A god drone pilot can earn more than six figures immediately upon graduating from school. In the ever growing industry, some companies are willing to train their pilots and also offer on the job training to their employees who are interested in becoming a drone pilot. Before considering working in the UAV industry, an individual needs to acquire the right skills, qualifications and certificates before venturing into the drone market. You must have flown drones for more than a year before being considered a drone pilot. Becoming a drone pilot requires a lot of planning and hard work. Its training requires dedication.

Apart from the UAV industry, a professional drone pilot may decide to dive into another sector that requires the services of a drone pilot. Thousands of drone jobs are being advertised on a daily basis on various websites and by various companies. This goes on to show that the drone industry is filled with various career opportunities.

Following are some of the drone companies a drone enthusiast must be on the lookout for:


Amazon is currently working on Amazon Prime Air which aims to deliver items via drones to customers in less than thirty minutes. It will take time to get it practical, but its prototypes are already up.


Flirtey is also a delivery drone company which works in the sectors of retail, fast food, medical delivery and parcels etc.


It rents a drone pilot so you do not have to worry about the technicalities of flying a drone. If you are a pilot yourself, you can work for them as a freelance drone pilot.


DJI manufactures drones and is one of the top companies. They have raised a $75 million investment in 2015 and the company valuation is $10 billion.

Unmanned Experts

This is mainly a training company. It provides trainings for hobbyists as well as those who want to fly their drones for commercial uses. Training is also provided to governmental and industrial experts.

Avision Robotics

Avision Robotics develops software required in the drone industry. The software tasks include communication and modeling, navigation and simulation etc.


Measure has FAA approval to fly over three hundred drones for purposes related to business. Their mapping and imaging solutions are known worldwide.

There are many certifications, trainings and workshops ranging from a period of several weeks to several months. These can teach the participants on how to operate a drone properly. But if someone is really interested in working in the drone industry for good especially the above mentioned (and many other good) companies, there are several colleges and universities giving professional education related to drones. So, if you want to get a top notch job in the coolest of drone companies, here are some of the colleges and universities giving out professional degrees.

Oklahoma State University

It was the first university which offered a graduate course related to drones. Students now can opt for drone studies at the Master’s level as well as PhD level. The prerequisite is a previous degree in engineering. The course covers design, development and testing. It has its own space for all these purposes. Moreover, there are research centers for those who want to do research while studying and after graduating.

Indiana State University

ISU offers two bachelors programs. These are a BS in Professional Aviation Flight Technology as well as a BS in Aviation Management with a minor in UAS studies. Some of the prominent subjects include Principles of Flight, Payloads and Sensors and Advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations.

Kansas State University

This is an ideal university in the sense that it is located near to a runway of 12000 foot length. It offers a BS in Unmanned Aircraft Systems which is of 127 credit hours. Another advantage is that it has linkages with the Department of Defense which allows its students to participate in real missions.

University of North Dakota

Although it offers many programs related to drones, the most famous one is a BS in Aeronautics with a major in UAS Operations. It is of 125 credit hours and it also has access to over 10000 square miles of airspace. Courses include Aviation Safety, Ground and Sensor Systems and Advanced Aerodynamics.

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