Bringing Value To Your Followers — “Emotion”

This is could be the most important of the “3 E’s” of bringing value to your followers. Emotion is the reason we use the Entertainment and Education strategies. In Entertainment we try to make someone feel happy or moved. In Education we try to make someone feel more useful and intelligent. Remember: it’s not about you. It’s about your customer.

Emotion Vs. Manipulation

Josh Weltman, the co-producer of the AMC marketing series Mad Men, states in his book that the end goal for marketers is “to get someone, somewhere, to do something”. This begs the question,

“Aren’t you just manipulating consumers thoughts and feelings?”

The answer is no. Here’s why:

It’s not manipulation. It’s honest human interaction.

That’s not to say that some companies and brands aren’t trying to mess with your head and make a quick sell. However, the right marketing strategy lets emotion be a byproduct of an authentic, human-focused mindset.

When a brand preys on emotions and fears for a quick sale it means two things:

  1. Their product is not as valuable as they want you to think it is.
  2. They are focused on short-term sales for themselves, not long-term sustainability for you.

Neither sounds like a company I would want to do business with.

Creating Emotion the Right Way

Emotion always boils down to one thing: connection. Whether it’s between people, your pet, or symbol (flag, statue, etc.), connection is always the foundation to emotion. When a famous musician passes away one generation will grieve while the other generation says, “Oh yeah I think I’ve heard of him”. It’s not that they don’t care about the artist at all, there’s just no connection there like there was for the previous generation. Without a connection no one will care.

The first step for businesses is to create that connection with their followers. Once you have that connection established and you are focused on your customer’s interest you will be able to execute a marketing strategy that uses and evokes emotion while maintaining authenticity.

When you can make somebody feel happy, inspired, or important as a brand you have won. That human connection is more important than any other aspect of business. It is the difference between a one-time sale and a life-long customer.

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to be a human online with you brand. People long for a connection and you have the opportunity to give it to them! Use Entertainment. Use Education. Use Emotion. When you can consistently pair these strategies with a great product or service you will win. End of story.

By: Wes Lehman @WesLehman 
Founder/Account Director
(813) 727–5941