Liter of Light

Implementing a novel light solution in Hasnapur, Andhra Pradesh

Many rural village homes lack daylight due to the materials used to make the homes sustainable for harsh weather conditions. The Liter of Light initiative is an effective solution the villages homes because it allows light to enter the homes. During UC Irvine’s first trip to Hasnapur, Andhra Pradesh, we found that many of the old family members stayed indoors because of the scorching heat, but ultimately wanted to be outside in the daylight. Brining daylight into the homes, while keeping the heat out became UC Irvine’s goal.

After much research, Liter of Light seemed the most cost efficient and effective. This initiative uses recycles 1.5 liter plastic bottles filled with water and bleach. Bleach of used to make the water stay clear and free from any algae growth for a long period of time. These bottles are then half inserted into the rooftops of the homes. The water then takes the light from the outside, and refracts it allowing light to enter into the homes. Across Sitio Malagaya, Philippines, the Liter of Light project was used and has a ground-braking and positive impact.

Author: Sohini Daya

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