By Lucas Joel

Bob Pelayo thinks a lot about underrepresented students who fall through the cracks. “Think about all the untapped potential there,” he said. “These students could more meaningfully contribute to the country’s scientific progress, given the appropriate tools.” Credit: Laurel Hungerford

Assistant Professor of Teaching Bob Pelayo teaches mathematics at UCI, but going in front of a classroom or a Zoom room is just the first step in a process that sees Pelayo helping underrepresented students feel like they can have a future in math, or, at other turns, creating new mathematics writing courses from scratch so math majors — especially those who don’t speak English as a first language — can learn to better communicate their work.

Pelayo holds many teaching awards, and in June, for the creation of the math writing course, he’s the UCI School…

UC Irvine School of Physical Sciences

“Good stories are at the School of Physical Sciences.”

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