by Niko Szumilo

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The budgetary consequences of government bailouts of large banks in 2009 rejuvenated the long-standing academic debate on the impact of bank competition on the economy.

My paper looks at the effect of a new lender’s entry into a local mortgage market on: 1) the supply of new loans 2) house prices and 3) repossessions in areas around its branches. It’s intuitive that competition increases credits supply and house prices, but it turns out that this comes at a cost. …

Shop window with a sign saying sorry we’re closed
Shop window with a sign saying sorry we’re closed

BSCPM Associate Professor Nikodem Szumilo, with Thomas Wiegelmann, has written an article, published in the Harvard Business Review, about how struggling businesses can renegotiate rent in the Covid-19 crisis.

The article covers the main points that every manager should consider before speaking to their landlord to try to reduce rent and the main strategies that are likely to help both the landlord and the tenant.

Read the full story at the Harvard Business Review.

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Munitions factory in Lancaster, 1917 ca.
Image courtesy of Lancaster City Museum. Available at <;

Construction has always been one of the most ‘casual’ trades for employment. Builders know how to come and go and how to start and stop work. But that’s not the same for the rest of the economy — as we are finding out.

In a blog post for the Economic History Society, Dr Judy Stephenson — Lecturer in Economics and Finance and CPM’s Departmental Tutor — talks about what history can tell us about how wage bargaining works when work stops.

Prepare to bargain.

Read the full article here.

Dr Simon Addyman writes a reflective piece on the influence of Emeritus Professor Stephen Pryke’s work and how it may contribute to our understanding of social order in light of COVID-19.

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26 March 2020 was the memorial service for our colleague Emeritus Professor Stephen Pryke. Although many were unable to attend due to the coronavirus he was very much in Dr Simon Addyman thoughts on that day, and this prompted him to write a small piece about his work and his legacy.

“I cannot attend. But I am there. 26th March 2020.”

Professor Stephen Pryke was my PhD Supervisor. In that journey together he became my mentor. My colleague. My friend. Our shared journey will always and forever be incomplete. It is unfinalisable. The inseparability of mind and body. I stand now in his shoes as Programme Director for the MSc in Project and Enterprise Management. …



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