People of Vadamanappakkam

A look into the faces of our community.

As part of the Project RISHI methodology our chapter has been able to go to our village in Vadamanappakkam to make observations of the disparities and issues that exist, come back and think of solutions, and finally implement changes in the village that hopefully lead to sustainable change. It is often so easily forgotten to take a step back however and acknowledge how important members of the village community are for implementing any of our initiatives that lead to true development.

Purushothaman Uncle -Clinic Manager
 He currently helps with all cookstove administrative work, including collecting orders and distributing the stoves.

Latha Aunty -Volunteer at the Clinic
 She acts as the village tour guide when we make our trips and has been incredibly helpful in promoting cookstoves to members of the village.

D. Shankar — Assistant Headmaster of the High School
 He is fluent in English and knows the current English teacher. He has been particularly helpful with finding us a new English teacher for our projects and allowing us to the use high school resources for the program.

Murali Selva
 He is a former villager who has been successful with with his studies and is interested in improving the English curriculum in the village. He is fluent in English and is also interested in promoting tree planting and meditation in the village.

Dr. Vignesh Viswanathan
 He is a young volunteer doctor from Chennai who comes to the clinic on weekends to help. He is fluent in English and interested in promoting yoga to help the elderly with joint problems and he noted elderly neglect in the village. He is unfortunately leaving for America in the near future to pursue his own passions here.

Author(s): Archana Reddy

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