Describe who you are

You know, Facebook is a real philosophical social network. Every day it asks me to “describe who you are». Strange question. Actually, I can not understand what Facebook wants to hear from me: profession, specialization, occupation, nationality or something abstract like “I am the inhabitant of the planet”. Therefore, I doubt in the response.

Nowadays it is difficult to prioritize these things because the world becomes more and more open and confusing. The nationality ceases to be an essential element of identity. I certainly could be wrong.

More so the Revolution of dignity has demonstrated that Ukrainian identity is important for Ukrainian consciousness. This gives hope that our traditions will not disappear in globalization.

Actually, the fact remains: there is no correct answer to the question «what makes someone Ukrainian». As for me, there are more than 48 million answer choices. For example, it may be the beloved dishes, heroes, language, football team, the sky over Dnipro, the knowledge of historical processes. Actually, it my be everything. Moreover, the identity mostly depends on internal sensations. The person may just wake up one spring morning and realize that he/she does not confirm any stereotypes about the identity: hates cuisine and does not respect Taras Shevchenko… But Ukrainian nationality is the best thing that could happen in his/her life.

Alyona V.

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