From Chrysler to KAMP: How to turn a demolished Chrysler plant into an asset

3 min readMar 7, 2016
Aerial View of the Demolished Plant Site

Last summer UD4U hosted an international ideas competition for a 107 acre site in the middle of Kenosha, WI, which used to be home to one of Chrysler’s largest engine plants, until the recession. The competition was used to help raise awareness about the site and show the wide range of possibilities that the site holds. There were a large number of entries and the winners can be seen on their website

The city now owns the site and is currently undergoing the remediation process, which is expected to take a total of 5 years. UD4U also just recently released their own proposal for the site, which comprises of turning the site into an advanced manufacturing district and incubator, titled KAMP (Kenosha Advanced Manufacturing Project).

Main Street View Rendering of KAMP

K.A.M.P. is a brand new manufacturing/business education program and incubator. It leverages the vast resources, knowledge and talent, of the currently disconnected universities in Kenosha, into one centralized location that can be enjoyed by the community as well as help it grow. Come see why, very soon, everyone will be saying a phrase they haven't said since they were kids…“I can't wait to go to KAMP!“

Rendering of the Community Space in the Winter

KAMP is the combination of education, manufacturing, community, and health. These four elements also happen to be the core of what makes up Kenosha as well. Even though manufacturing, statistically, has dropped significantly in the city, this site's history is the primary reason as to why.

UD4U hopes to be able to bring that manufacturing business back to the site and the city, except this time in an even more advanced and well thought out way, which will ensure that what is created isn't temporary and will help Kenosha grow, expand, and prosper for decades to come.

Rendering of the Automobile Museum and Drive-In Theatre

It is their hope that KAMP will become a major selling point for the city, allowing it to attract top students and professors from around the country, as well as businesses and investors who want to be a part of the exciting new ideas coming out of the site.

To explore the entire proposal, just click the link below.