UE.co Announces The Launch of “The UE Foundation”

UE.co Team Members At A Special Olympics Floor Hockey Tournament

UE.co is proud to launch our new vehicle for giving back to the San Diego Community, The UE Foundation! The UE team as a whole has always been passionate about supporting equal opportunity for San Diegans, and have been looking for an organized way for us to live this idea.

The UE Team decided to form the UE Foundation as a formalized way for the company to give back and participate within our community. We will do this by donating to and volunteering with local nonprofits like The Special Olympics Southern California Region and Partnerships With Industry, who are providing opportunities for people with cognitive and physical disabilities in San Diego.

“Our mission is to impact San Diego with acts of kindness,” said Jason Kulpa, CEO of UE.co. “Nothing is better than hearing the stories of Special Olympics Athletes, or seeing the smiles of employees who are hired through Partnerships With Industry, and I am so excited to continue seeing more and more opportunities like these with the help of The Foundation.”

The UE Foundation’s mission is funded by UE.co, personal donations from our employees, and all proceeds from the rentals of our office venue. Additionally, employees will have the opportunity to volunteer as a team at events for our partners such as refereeing at soccer games for the Special Olympics.

The UE Foundation aims to be a beacon of inspiration for other corporations in the San Diego area to start a foundation of their own. We believe by supporting equal opportunities for all — working with our partners on innovative solutions — we can help every person get the chance to live a fun, healthy and productive life.

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