UE.co Sends Students Impacted By Homelessness Back to School In Style

Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read
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UE.co Team Members Brought over 490 pounds of school supplies and new clothes for Monarch School Students impacted by homelessness.

In efforts to support the education of students affected by homelessness in San Diego, The UE.co team utilized our love of competition to bring in 493 pounds of new school supplies and clothing for students at Monarch School in East Village, San Diego.

The competition, centered around the back-to-school-drive, divided the company into four teams with members of each department distributed evenly amongst the teams. The teams earned points per pound of school supplies and apparel brought in; items included backpacks, binders, craft supplies, new shoes, books, and more. The week-long, back-to-school drive ended in a company-wide kickball game to celebrate its success.

The drive is result of UE.co’s “UE Gives Back” program. To date this year, nearly 90% of UE.co employees have participated in the program through donations, time volunteered, or both, a number the team is very proud of. Other nonprofit programs that UE.co partners with include Special Olympics, GiGi’s Playhouse, The Humane Society, The San Diego Police Foundation, and more.

This competition embodies the aspects that make UE.co who we are; hard work, helping others, and a lot of fun. We wish the Monarch School Students a happy new school year and look forward to continuing our partnership!

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