Snapchat talk @ #chatsnap

Right now, I am addicted to Snapchat. It has made my life exponentially easier. I travel a lot for work and like keeping all of the little moments while I am traveling saved, but I don’t like getting hung up so much trying to create memories that I am not living in the moment.

This is where Snapchat comes in, it is a very user friendly platform for me to do just that. I can take little moments and turn them into a story, that way when someone asks me about a trip I can just show them my story that I saved in my memories on Snapchat. It is just little morsels of the trip mostly the highlights yet I can still hold onto the memories in my mind of the experience.

This past Wednesday I joined the conversation with Kristy Gillentine on Twitter (@KrisGillentine) to discuss Snapchat. She is a PR/SM Consultant at Drive West Communications, the Founder/Host of #ChatSnap Twitter Chat (Wed, 2pmET) and a Speaker at #SMDayHou. Since I love Snapchat so much, I was intrigued by her Wednesday dialog about SnapChat called #ChatSnap.

The dialogue was interesting and informative. It was a round of about 8 questions and there was a diverse group that was moderated by Rebecca Councill @RebCouncill
I thought the best question was question one:

  • Q1 Who could get the most value out of using Snapchat as a tool for learning new things, and why? #chatsnap
    This is very interesting because, I feel as everyone could get value from learning new things period! But, I think that SnapChat could be a wonderful learning tool for any age and in a multitude of situations.
  • I really appreciated Brent Schlenker’ answer.
    A1 Everyone is an expert at something, so we should all be sharing knowledge and learning from others via tools like snapchat #chatsnap 
    This is true, knowledge is power
    My response to question:
    #chatsnap A1 I think that students can def ben from learning with @Snapchat alot of the gen that grew up w/ ipads do well with #visual
    Many kids have the capability of visual learning because they have been programed by their tablets and cell phone use.

I also liked Brent Schlenker’s replying to @KrisGillentine in regards to question 4…

  • Q4 Have u ever used Snapchat to teach someone something? If so, what — most recently? And which features did you use to teach it? #chatsnap 
  • A4 If I knew that my work colleagues were on snapchat I’d create a group with them and share knowledge all the time. #chatsnap
    Again, I cannot say enough good things about SnapChat. I feel like it is so user friendly and easy to use, it would make an awesome learning tool in my opinion!

Don’t miss #ChatSnap is every Wednesday!!