Meet the Founders: Ceraffect

Roberto and Julia are the founders of Cereaffect. Their company houses the technology, Ceraveil, which is a customizable headgear that relieves each user’s specific headache symptoms while avoiding the adverse effects or dissatisfaction that may come with pharmacological methods of treatment.

Meet Roberto Hasbun

Why are you involved in RED Labs? It gives us a place to innovate. This place wants us to succeed with our business and they give us the tools to do so. Its tough work, but its worth it.

Whats your background? We are both biomedical engineers and the job market sucks. Which is another reason we got into this. We basically want to be able to create our own jobs.

What’s been your favorite thing about RED Labs so far? Definitely getting to meet all these people who also have incredible ideas. The opportunity for networking is a huge thing as well. Building strong relationships with the speakers as well as our fellow founders creates a strong community. I also love the intensity.

What are your plans for the future? I want to be an astronaut and start a business in space.

Meet Julia Lehman

What got your interested in entrepreneurship? I became interested in entrepreneurship because I knew nothing about it. We all have these ideas but have no clue how to even start with that. We needed to get into this field to see the viability of our ideas. We always said we were going start a company.

Describe your experience with RED Labs in three words? Inspiring, enjoyable, enlightening.

Whats been your favorite thing about RED Labs so far? The networking is incredible. I love the exchange of knowledge. We are just trying to absorb as much as we can.

Describe your spirit animal. I would be an obese house pet who loves to be pampered. I’m truly in my element when I’m lying down and eating.

“We have so many ideas. This will help us bring them to the world.”
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