Meet the Founders: Core Simulations

Jonathan Avila (left) and Jakob Broaddus (right)

What are you majoring in?

Jakob — I’m pre-business Sophomore and I’m looking to get into Finance.

Carlos — I just graduated from UH with a Computer Science degree and I’m planning to apply for graduate school soon at UH’s Electrical Engineering program.

Jonathan — This year I graduated from the Wolff Center at UH with an Entrepreneurship and Marketing degree.

What is your startup?

Jonathan — Core Simulations uses virtual reality to improve patient compliance for physical therapists and physical therapy institutions.

How has the summer been going so far?

Jakob — Busy. It’s been a really good learning experience, we’ve had a lot of fun moments this summer and it’s going by so fast.

Carlos — Definitely busy. It’s definitely been something new and very fascinating.

Carlos Puerta (right)

How is working in a co-working space?

Carlos — I’ve enjoyed it, everyone talks with each other and gives instant feedback, which makes it feel like real progress is always being made.

Jonathan — There’s definitely a lot of social interaction, which is great.

What’s your favorite aspect of the program?

Jakob — Getting familiar with the entrepreneurship space in Houston. I had no idea this stuff was here, and seeing all these types of entrepreneurs has been really interesting.

Carlos — The chance to meet so many other entrepreneurs. Like Jakob said, I wouldn’t know about the entrepreneurship space in Houston if it weren’t for this program.

Jonathan — I’d say the fact that it gives us the ability to turn a lesson into practice. I have a degree in entrepreneurship and man putting it into practice is tiring, even the coffee isn’t helping.

How would you describe the culture?

Jakob — I’d say it’s like an anthill with pockets of companies inside.

Well… that’s interesting. 😂

Jonathan — I like the community a lot, it’s going to be unfortunate when we go our separate ways at the end of the summer.

Carlos — It’s absolutely fun being around people that are working just as hard as we are.

Jakob — We’re all on the same page with each other, and it’s great to work along side everyone.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

Jonathan — Teen Wolf.

Jakob — Silver Linings Playbook.

Carlos — New Girl.

What’s a random fact about you?

Jonathan — I could hold my breath for 4 minutes.

You can?

Jonathan — Well I used to, I can’t any more. 😂 Also, I used to be a marine scientist.

Carlos — I teach Taekwondo.

Jakob — My favorite animal is a Tardigrade.

…a what?

Jakob — A Tardigrade! They’re so cool because they’re nearly impossible to kill and they look like tiny water bears.

That’s definitely the most obscure animal I’ve ever heard of. 😂

What’s the plural of falafel?

Carlos — Falafeli.

Jakob — Two falafels.

Jonathan — Falafies.

Anything else you want to add?

Jonathan — If you want us to show you a good time… with VR… give us a call.

Jakob — Also, look up the water bears.