Who’s the Plug? These Houston entrepreneurs got who you need

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RED Labs
May 24 · 3 min read

About the Creators:

  1. What are you studying right now? But more importantly, what made you want to get into entrepreneurship?

Linzzi: Currently I’m in advertising at the Valenti School of Communications at the University of Houston. But as for the other question, entrepreneurship is in my blood. I was raised by entrepreneurs, and my parents always instilled that sense in me. My brother took the path as well, and here I am following in their footsteps.

Kevin: I’m big into digital media creation, and have decided to dedicate my life to it. Why am I an entrepreneur? I’ve always felt this passion inside me, and I want to do something great.

Janelle: I’m currently studying psychology, and I love it. People are incredibly interesting. I’ve decided to delve into entrepreneurship because I’ve always had a passion for helping people and I find this to be a phenomenal outlet to give back to the community.

2. So tell me about Plug.

Janelle: Plug is an app to request substitutes on demand for industries with high turnover rates, but… we’re not exactly sure what industry just yet! We’re diving into different markets and learning what markets demand substitute labor right now.

3. Well, how did the team come together?

Linzzi: Actually we have known each other since high school, but didn’t really become good friends until 2016. We all went to the same community college, and then all started at UH at the same time.

Janelle: When Linzzi and I went to UH, we knew we wanted to do something big. We had come up with the concept for Plug, but knew the two of us couldn’t build it alone. We needed a computer guy, and we thought of Kevin. We pitched Plug to Kevin, and he joined the team.

Kevin: I remember that day! We had frozen yogurt and then went out to dinner. It feels like it was ages ago!

4. What do you think are each of your biggest goals for the summer?

Kevin: I’d love to see Plug up and running, we just need to find the right market fit.

Janelle: This ‘finding the right market thing’ is kind of killing us.

Linzzi: But we know the world needs substitutes. I have this big idea that one day, the world is going to be composed completely of freelancers, and the market will have people hopping from career to career. Not being stationary. We want to help serve that new market. We want to build a company around that idea. You can be an opportunistic entrepreneur and take advantage of opportunities and build companies around those opportunities. Or, you can be a passionate entrepreneur and have passion drive the companies you build. We want to be the passionate entrepreneurs and make Plug a company built out of passion.

5. How do you like working out of Station Houston?

Janelle: It’s really funny, we came and visited Linzzi’s brother here and we were like “Wow. What if one day, we were here.” We spoke it into existence.

Linzzi: We are learning so much, and then we get to apply our knowledge immediately after we learn. It’s a dream come true for any entrepreneur creating their idea. Not to mention the amazing resources and lectures provided by RED Labs and at Station.

6. Alright, enough of the nitty gritty. How about some fun facts?

Janelle: Well, we just went to Atlanta for this music festival, Shaky Knees. Did you know you get free entry for life if you get the logo tatted on?

Kevin: Smart marketing strategy. It’s on someone’s body for life.

Linzzi: But then you have it on your body all year long. That’s 365 days with that tattoo… to get into a festival once a year! I hope it’s worth it.

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