Views of a Social Hierarchy; A Middle School Study

When I was in sixth grade, we learned about the Bourgeois revolution in 1789, France. My teacher said that now days, there is no longer a social hierarchy and all people were the same. I couldn’t help but wonder; did really the social hierarchy system vanish? I knew that jokes often sounded funny coming from one kid, but seemed totally lame coming up from another. I knew, as a kid in school, that some kids had to eat their lunch alone when another was rolling in friends. I could feel that some kind of system were forming between kids. Now, looking through a middle schooler’s eye, I could see the social hierarchy forming vastly from the start of the school year. I know that my teacher was perfectly wrong. Either invisible or not, social hierarchy will forever last between us.

The school-social hierarchy is divided by five classes. In the first class, we could see the ‘Top’. Only very few members of the school could be the ‘Top’. They’re the icon of popular. They rock the school, so you’ll see them starting fashions and trends in your grade. Of course, everyone will soon try to mimic them for everybody wants to be the ‘Top’. For example, in my 5th year, our top started to wear tennis skirts and soon you could see girls wearing tennis skirts of all colors. In our 6th year, Bangs was hot for girls because the Top wore it. So now you might see that everyone in the school seems to know the Top. Even at the start of the of school year, the whole school seemed to know their name. The Tops seem to know each other very well, so you’ll see them hanging out with each other. Usually, when a ‘Top’ dates, it is followed by huge gossips and rumor from the entire school, even teachers. Every detail of the top will be watched by the school.

Under the Top, there are the popular kids. They’re the popular groups of kids in school. The ‘Populars’ are few in each class, and they mostly hang out with each other. For example, you can see them sitting in groups at lunch or walking in the hall with each other. The kids under them adore them, and try to join them, but it is difficult to get a class rise. Most of the kids fail and sink even deeper from their class to be a outcast.

There are many different reasons about why the ‘Populars’ are popular. Basically, most of them has good features. You’ll notice all the cute guys and the hot girls famous in your school are the ‘Populars’. So, they spend a lot of time in makeup, in the mall, or talking about their hairstyles or clothes. You will feel comfortable and cool around them, for they are sociable and friendly. They make good jokes, and they truly know their charms.

The third class of the social hierarchy has the greatest population. They are the most common, everyday people you can usually meet in school. These ‘Commons’ hang out with each other, date each other, and make friends within their group. They barely seem to contact people whom outside to their class, but they endear the two class which are above theirs’. this seems quite strange, because most of them don’t know of the social class. Half of them have never even thought of that, and the other half doesn’t care about that kind of stuff. Only a few knows, or ‘feels’ that there is some kind of system between them.

The ‘Commons’ are the typical kinds of kids that get a class rise or drop from their class. Although only few kids get a class move, the Commons always have a great part in it.

Down below the third class, There are the less popular kids at school. Kids call them ‘The losers’ like their names, the Losers are in a negative position within the hierarchy class. They aren’t used to hanging around with kids. They have no or only a few friends, and their friends are, mostly, losers as well.

As you may have guessed, almost all of the students don’t like being with the ‘Losers’. The ‘Losers’ swear a lot, and you might feel uncomfortable and awkward around them. They don’t care about their style much-so they always seem to wear the same clothes. This seems much less fashionable besides the Top, and kids hate it because it smells.

There are many types of kids in the fourth class- some of them are just too shy to make friends, some gossip behind your back, some kids try to catch peoples attentions but don’t know how.

After looking at the social classes forming in middle school, we can see that the social hierarchy is forming everywhere. You must have not felt it but in every little group of people-like a club you join in, at the mall, an academy, and even in your own house, there are the social classes. I don’t think that it is great to happen, but it isn’t a thing that we could change and make disappear. We have to learn about the system, and be taught how to live within it.

I strongly suggest that parents, teachers and, students should be aware of these kinds of problems. We should know now that relationships between friends in school aren’t things like adults assume. It is not a math problem that we could solve right now, nor a blooper scene in an act that we could change quickly. Students should be educated about this both in school and at home. Parents should pay a lot of attention to their children, and be aware about the ‘class’ which your kids fit in. Teachers should prevent themselves from thinking that ‘all the children are the same’, because they’re not. They should be aware about the social class and try to view the kids from a different angle.

Learning to live within the social hierarchy is a hard thing to do, especially when no one’s teaching you about it. We need much time and work regarding this situation. But I’m not saying that this system needs to change. I’m saying that the society should change.

-thank you so much for my english teacher, Morgen Bowen for helping me publish this story. written by Jiny,

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