Owen Jones on Radio 4 Today [17/05/17]

Abridged transcript, fact checked with figures

“Labour’s manifesto is pretty moderate…common sense”

  • “95% of people won’t pay anymore tax…seems fair”
  • “The top 5% pay a little more (see Fig. 1) and that money will be invested in housing, in schools, in hospitals and in our creaking national infrastructure”
Fig. 1 — Funding Britain’s Future, The Labour Party 2017

The Labour Manifesto is saying,

“Look. The problems this country faces is not the weather but stagnating living standards, lack of affordable homes, and public services being under strain — they just need political will power to deal with them”
What Labour have to argue is that they have an inspiring vision of what Britain could be, and that means asking those at the top to pay a bit more money so we can invest in housing, in jobs and in education.

Phillip Hammond has a bit of a cheek going round the studios talking about black holes — he’s got a £2 billion black hole in his budget from his embarrassing National Insurance u-turn (see Fig.2)

Fig. 2 — Budget 2017
The Tories have added more debt than any Labour government put together.
Fig. 3 — The Conservatives have been the biggest borrowers over the last 70 years

Britain is currently being held back. It has great potential. How do we unlock that potential?
Not by constantly cutting back and undermining those services that we all depend on, but actually investing in our country’s future.

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