F*ck impostor syndrome — I’m finally learning to code.
Sophia Ciocca

Keep going, woman coder! Lots of people feel impostor syndrome, many men are just taught to not regard it. Here’s my 2 bits…

In a not-so-apocryphal story, two kids (male and female…going with the old-fashioned binary thing for the mo) start out playing golf and both make about 1 decent drive out of 10 swings. The conversation around this later is about the great drive the boy made, while no one remembers that the girl did the same. Both are disheartened, but the boy is picked up by those around him with all sorts of encouraging talk, while the girl probably hears (and sadly from other women in the family very likely)… ‘Oh I can’t play golf either…’ etc etc.
Tell me who’s more likely to continue playing golf in this scenario.

And secondly, remember that a body of knowledge and its configuration is shaped by the doer and not by the inanimate thing itself. In other words, no one knows how a woman codes or thinks through a particular problem till a sizable number of women do it. You shape knowledge to YOU, not the other way around. To do something only as a man does/has done it for a thousand years is to partially miss the point. There are tens of thousands of apps, ideas, companies and connections to be made that are waiting for women thinkers and doers to create in ways that have never been thought of before.

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