Should You Hire A Band, DJ Or Both?

There is no doubt music can have a really detrimental effect on your celebration. It is the heart of any get together and it is up to you whether you send your guest home with happy exhaustion or bored stiff. One of the main elements for anyone organising an event will be the entertainment. The most common question is whether to book a DJ, a Band or both. The answer almost always comes down to the budget that is available and if there is any chance that your budget can stretch to both, you will certainly get the best of both worlds. You also need to think about the kind of entertainment that suits your taste, your guests, available space and not forgetting your polished synchronised dance routines!

There is nothing quite as special as having a live performance at your event, not only will a band provide a little bit of audience interaction but there is no denying that it will bring an air of excitement and magic to the proceedings, so start by keeping your options open and think about the following when starting your search.


The type of music that you choose can set the entire tone of your event and cement your theme, and let’s be honest this is what people will remember the most. Think about what type of music represents you personalities and provoke the ambience that you are trying to create. The way that the music is delivered will also affect the general mood and the type of music that you choose may also dictate your choice, after all big band sounds are generally best live.


Are you a little country to your future husband’s rock and roll? No matter whether you go for a band or DJ be sure to check that they can play slow and fast songs and both old and new tunes as this is the way to encourage different sets of your guests onto the dance floor.


When it comes to the price, a professional DJ will cost less although the prices will vary dependant on whether it is a weekday or weekend and the equipment that you require them to bring. Generally a band that is made up of 12 pieces is going to be more expensive than the DJ as there are more people to pay. However there are always exceptions to this rule particularly if you choose a celebrity DJ who may even work out the most expensive. The price charged by bands is usually determined by the number of musicians, the amount of time you want them to play for, the day of the week and even what time of year it is.

Available Space

There is no point in setting your heart on an 8 piece band before you check whether the event site has any restrictions on the number of musicians and equipment that they may need to provide and also whether there are any noise limitations and limits on electrical sources. For example if your event is taking place in a historical building there may be a restriction on the size of speakers allowed, these are all things that you need to ask prior to searching for your entertainment.

The advantages of hiring a band in addition to a DJ are that bands are able to take a song that was recorded years ago and play a superior, upbeat dance version that the original artist could have never recorded with the equipment that they would have had available to them at that time.

Simply put, live music is exactly that, live. You and your guests will have the pleasure of the performance and anything can be put in place to raise the level of excitement such as an infectious brass section or a moving solo. However, bands are generally more expensive and no matter how good the band is they are not going to have a repertoire that rivals a DJ as they have a huge variation of music to hand.

The advantages of hiring a professional DJ in addition to a band are that you are still able to have professional entertainment even when your band is taking a break. Hiring a DJ means that you can take advantage and enjoy the versatility of the DJ being able to supply almost every song that has ever been released, well nearly anyway! Obviously you also have the beauty of being able to make sure that the DJ has or can get any records that you particularly want. Professional DJs have a tendency to coordinate and keep to a predetermined time line as well as fulfilling their entertainment duties.

There is no reason to fear a DJ as the traditional seventies disco dancing and mismatched strobe lighting really is a thing of the past, DJs today are artists and as such offer a well balanced eclectic mix of music that is suitable for all age groups. The songs will sound exactly how you expect them too and depending on the amount of equipment the DJ brings they are likely to take up far less space as a band. With a DJ if there are a number of songs that you really want to hear it is likely that the DJ will have no trouble located each and every one. DJs tend to cost less than a band and a professional DJ that has stage presence and polished skills can easily set the scene and keep the party going.

If you have the budget, then a band and a DJ is going to certainly give you an added bonus to your special day. However, this is not something that would be suitable for all events. Apart from budget, there could be certain venues that simply do not have the square footage to accommodate both a band and DJ.

Remember that all professionals should be open to your likes and dislikes and be sure to provide them with a list of requests and selection of must not play songs, and if there is a song that is a real no no then be sure to reiterate this.

All things aside an event that has either a DJ or Band are definitely not missing the boat, in fact statistics have shown that currently 90% of the people that we surveyed did not have a band at their special event.

If you are looking to add something special and your budget allows there are plenty of positives to be had by hiring a great band and professional DJ as they can work really well together and give you the party of a lifetime!

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