#UNListed: 71 handles to follow for the 71st #UNGA session

UKUN_NewYork’s Staff picks for who to follow at #UNGA



Matthew is the top diplomat at the UK Mission. You can tell from his staff picks: THE Prime Minister, THE United Nations, and THE organisation drawing attention to the biggest refugee crisis since WWII.



Academics with foreign policy-flare, Special Representatives, and the Chief of the United Nations Relief Operations. All staples of the #digitaldiplomacy community (and the regular diplomacy community too).



Human rights and development; @Martin_Shearman lives and breathes it representing the United Kingdom at the UN in New York. His picks - Baroness Anelay and the UN’s development agency - reflect that.


Staff picks:

The Foreign Secretary, FCO Director General for the Middle East and Africa, and a pair of Special Relationship Ambassadors. Those are some important tweets.


Staff picks:

A British broadcaster, the Security Council Report, and an NGO advocating for the UK and the UN. It’s almost like the UK Mission’s Spokesperson picked these. Wait… he did.


Staff picks:

Two human rights defenders: one of the governmental variety and another from the nongovernmental.


Staff picks:

Can you tell he’s an “#Aid worker turned diplomat”? Ben’s picks include the leader of Oxfam, the leader of UN Development, and UNICEF’s second in command.


Staff picks:

We look to Jess for policy advice on Africa. Jess looks to Africa Arguments, AmnestyInternational, & UN Peacekeeping for great #UNGA tweets.


Staff picks:

You want real #UNGA Twitter advice? Ask our resident digital diplomat @Lorey. He’ll point to the UN’s Social Media lead, a social media savvy Youth Ambassador, and a press officer who shares his #UNnerd tendencies.


Staff picks:

When he’s not in UN Security Council consultations on the Middle East Peace Process, Colin is following DFID, the UK Minister for the Middle East and Africa, and UN’s Department for Political Affairs online.


Staff picks:

Our top diplomat’s right-hand woman suggest that you follow two other key British diplomats in the States, as well the force behind the UN’s push to ensure every child is protected.


Staff picks:

Our speechwriter extraordinaire loves a good keynote, but also has his ear to the ground in the world of 140 character statements. His picks include a news breaker, a UN handle with a sense of humor, and an NGO that deals with all things UN.


Staff picks:

During the year, Rebecca spends her time following UN agencies in New York.

During #UNGA, Rebecca spends her time follow these handles on Twitter.


Staff picks:

Insider picks courtesy of the one and only Phil HD include an Italian chief, an under-the-radar climate champion, and a global movement.


Staff picks:

Syria is the biggest crisis on the planet and the UN is doing all it can to help meet the humanitarian need through UN OCHA. Throw in a top notch digital diplomat in Peter Wilson, and Caroline’s #UNGA picks are in the ‘must follow’ status.


Staff picks:

With multiple summits on refugees and migrants, plus the induction of the IOM into the UN, migration is one of the big themes at #UNGA this year. Sam’s Twitter picks will come in handy.


Staff picks:

Somalia is on the path to stability and democracy. This is not only a priority in the UN Security Council, but also in the #digitaldiplomacy world. Fiona’s picks offer insider insight into Somalia and wider peace issues. Oh and follow her too, she’s pretty great on Twitter herself!


Staff picks:

Peacekeeping is one of the most known inventions the UN has produced in its 71 years. Peacebuilding is one of the most underrated. The UK however, as the top donor, is well acquainted. Forest Whitaker joins us on Wednesday for a massive pledging conference.


Staff picks:

Top UN moments for Lisa’s picks:
Charlotte: explaining the Twitter mirror to the Pope
Girl Effect: supporting a world where equality is a thing (#Planet5050!)
Robert Clark: making amazing cinemagraphs this week at the UN. Trust Lisa, check them out.


Staff picks:
When it comes to ending poverty, hunger, and climate change, we’ve got our work cut out for us. That’s why the world adopted the Global Goals. And if anyone tells you business doesn’t do a lot of good at the UN, point them to Max’s staff picks.


Staff picks:

Daesh is fighting a losing battle. But they’re doing their best to commit some of the most horrible crimes the world has known. Grace’s picks give you insight into how and why we’re going to hold them accountable. Also, we’re just going to come out and say it, Nadia Murad is the most inspiring person at UNGA this year.


Staff picks:

When there’s meetings on terrorism at UN headquarters, Jonathan is our expert advisor. And there are some big meetings at #UNGA on combatting violent extremism and fighting terrorism. Follow Jon’s picks to stay up to speed.


Staff picks:
They call #AntimicrobialResistance ‘the biggest global issue you’ve never heard of’ (and one of the longest hashtags!). Thanks to the UK, we’re slowly changing that. And it’s a good thing. It could kill more people than cancer by 2050.


Staff picks:
If you’ve been to NYC Pride, you know that the UK Mission is big on equality. That’s why Aaron’s recommendations begin with UN Free & Equal and OutRight International. Throw in one of the biggest women’s empowerment advocates on the planet and you’re almost on the #Path2Equality!


Staff picks:
It’s been a big year in the fight against Climate Change. If the agenda is any indication, Lisa’s picks will come in handy. **Spoiler alert — the agenda is an indication**

…and 5 more for #GoodMeasure.

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