The Benefits of Investing in Wine

If you are a wine lover, you should at least consider making an investment in quality wines. Valuable wine investments differ from stocks because you don’t need to pay capital gains tax when you sell. There are a few other benefits to keep in mind if you think you want to go from wine connoisseur to wine investor.

You have the option of consulting with a wine consultant
The help of a UKV PLC wine consultant gives you a pretty big advantage. You can buy wine according the specific market conditions your consultant makes you aware of. You’ll be able to predict the value of your investment, giving you an edge.

Value of wine increases as it ages
Store the wine for at least five years to realize capital gain on the investment. If possible, start your collection at a young age (20s-30s) and eventually you will have made a fortune because the value of wine does not depreciate.

Expect a return on your investments
Wine is a fairly stable investment unlike most of the stock market. You can expect 12%-15% return on your investment.

Your wine collection is fully insured
At UKV PLC, your collection will be held in your name under a personal, bonded account. You can store the wine in a climate controlled warehouse and still have complete ownership. Plus, it’s completely insured!

Brexit has been favorable in investing in wine
Wine investments have increased about 20% since Brexit. It’s just an example of how people tend to pay more attention to traditional investment opportunities even in times of change and upheaval.

Wine will never go out of style 
Wine has been around for a very long time. Wine is considered antiquity and it will never disappear from our culture. It is classic and timeless. You don’t have to worry if you’ll attract a market twenty years from now. Trust us, you will.

Fine wines do better than precious metals and fine art
Wine is a better investment than gold, metals, or even fine artwork. You will experience little volatility. It’s a great way to invest without incurring unnecessary risk.

Wine collecting can be hard for authorities to tax 
If you are a private owner, not a business or corporation, your financial gains are basically free of imposed taxes. You should still consult with a tax consultant, of course, but it’s just another benefit to wine investment.

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You will experience excellent quality
UKV PLC can show you a great selection of investment grade wine. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a more experienced wine collector, they will help you find superior European brands to add to your collection.

It is a profitable asset 
Wine has always been a source of trade throughout society, even used as a substitute for money in some cases. It is still a desirable asset, and safe from the ups and downs of a changing economy.

You can join a group of investors
There are so many wine collectors in the world. Joining their ranks is a financial investment, but also a social boost. It’s a great way to build important friendships and make lasting impressions.

If wine investing sounds like something you want to learn more about, contact a UKV PLC representative at 0207 471 8030 or visit the official website and submit a contact form. Your future as a wine investor is waiting for you!

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