A look inside the Terpindor Wizarding Tournament


  • 2800 Snapchat geofilter impressions
  • 1108 Instagram likes (27 posts)
  • 400+ Snapchat story views (25% increase)
  • 303 Wizarding Challenges completed by UMD students
  • 275 new Snapchat followers
  • 180 new Instagram followers
  • 66 Instagram comments
  • 58 Tournament participants
  • 56 Snapchat geofilter uses


This fall at the University of Maryland, the University Libraries hosted a Wizarding Tournament that invited undergrad students to explore library services while dipping into the world of Harry Potter.

With the help of our undergrad student outreach team, we launched the Wizarding Tournament at the University’s First Look Fair in mid September.

We created our very first Snapchat geofilter, which ran two days at the popular campus fair, and encouraged students to follow us on Snapchat and Instagram to participate in the tournament.


We released a total of 11 Wizarding Challenges that had students visiting library web pages and library spaces.

Below is a look at some of the challenges students had to complete to earn points and try to win a limited-edition Terpindor tshirt.

The first Wizarding Challenge encouraged students to share one thing they learned from the Libraries’ latest edition of the Get It Done Guide (a small, colorful booklet we produce that’s full of tips for getting the most out of the library).

Students also got points for interacting with our digital collections; they had to send us a picture of UMD’s Mascot Testudo online that they found interesting.

Another challenge was checking out our Monster Book of Monsters we created with fake teeth.

We added the fictional book to our textbook loan program which we were able to expand this semester thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign that saw significant support from student government.

Students also sent us selfies with their favorite circulating DVD from Library Media Services in Hornbake Library. Many students discovered that we circulate a number of Harry Potter movies…

The Heavy Metal Parking Lot Exhibit in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library was one of two new exhibits students had to visit to complete a wizarding challenge. Once in the exhibit, students had to report one thing they learned.


Winners of the Tournament were contacted on a rolling basis and awarded tshirts.

The tshirts were very popular among not only current students but also alumni and staff. A number of people reach out attempting to buy the shirts.


While the total number of participants was somewhat modest, the tournament was very successful at helping grow our social media following and giving select students a closer look at library spaces and services.

In general, response to the tournament was extremely positive and the tournament gave us something light and fun to talk about at the beginning of the semester when incoming students are not necessarily thinking much about library resources and research but are open to connecting on social media.

For more information, contact Aaron Ginoza, UMD Libraries’ Social Media Coordinator.