My personal philosophy of midwifery

By Shannon Keller, CNM, MSN, a midwife at UNC OB-GYN

I take the Latin translation of “midwife” to heart when taking care of patients.

To be “with woman” as the translation states, means to be with the woman in all phases of life, and in all forms of being — emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. I am to care for the women in my practice as I would a sister or a friend.

Shannon Keller

I believe that every woman should be cared for in a manner that is respectful and inclusive.

I value the strength of women’s individuality, and I strive to promote their health in their beliefs. Women are to be the guiding voice in their healthcare. Decisions for the woman’s health are made as a team with all voices playing an equal part.

I believe that I have the knowledge and the preparation to help them make the best decisions, but that ultimately it is their body and their final decision when implementing care.

I believe that a woman’s body is strong and sacred. I believe in creating an atmosphere where women are cared for with non-intervention in normal processes, and that collaboration occurs as needed for her situation.

A woman and her family deserve care that acknowledges their life experiences and includes an individualized model of care. I strive for therapeutic use of human presence and skillful communication in order to give genuine, compassionate, evidence-based care for women and their newborns.