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UN Development Programme
Apr 16 · 6 min read
A participant of the 2019 UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum (ECOSOC) high-fiving Nelson Mandela at the United Nations. © UNDP / Sumaya Agha
Kasunjith is Youth Lead for UNDP in Sri Lanka. He is the first disabled person to have been recruited by UNDP in Asia. © UNDP / Sumaya Agha
Tina Hocevar is a member of the European Commission and Vice-President of the European Youth Forum. © UNDP / Lei Katof
Christian is working in Cameroon to prevent young people from violence. © UNDP / Sumaya Agha
Pia Risoer Bierre is a delegate of the Danish Youth Council. © UNDP / Lei Katof
Ogutu Okudo works as a country manager for the oil and gas company Spring Rock Energy in Kenya. © UNDP / Daniela Peris
Regine Guevara, from the Philippines, works with UNMGCY and has also served as an ASEAN Youth Advocate. © UNDP / Sumaya Agha

UN Development Programme

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