Kicking off Global Goals Week

On September 25 Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup) will be held in New York City for the fourth time.

The first-ever women’s activist football tournament, its five-a-side teams qualify by taking action for the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Global Goals.

Let’s meet the players:

Team Yellow Ladies

Working at Czech Post where 75 percent of employees are women, the Yellow Ladies will promote breast and skin cancer prevention.

“Our motto is ‘Think of Prevention’ and I hope that our Yellow Ladies team will make a good score with it.” — Markéta Pázlerová

SDG3 and SDG4
Team Chica’s Girls

Based in New York, this team believes education helps create opportunities to change the world by mentoring students. They sponsor two students representing the equity Goal — 4.5 “I want to give these young ladies the opportunity to continue playing a sport they love, maintain good health and become better players.” — Chica Vera, founder

Team Forca Goa

This Indian team is the winner of GGWCup Mumbai 2019. Forca Goa takes these goals seriously both on and off the field. “All our footballs are fair trade. Not many people know that footballs are hand-stitched and more often than not they are made with child labour.” — Ishtia, captain

Team Believers

The team wants to spread awareness and give younger girls the motivation to play sport. “We chose gender equality because most of us have experienced inequality when it comes to playing sports as girls.” — Team Believers

Team Gender Champs from Women Deliver

Women Deliver was among the first to promote the investment case for girls and women. Recently in Vancouver they, brought together 8,008 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists to advocate their case.
“We know that when the world invests in girls and women, everybody wins.” — Katja Iversen, President & CEO, Women Deliver.

Team Formation

Representing the Danish trade union Djøf, the players promote gender equality in retirement savings, take an active role in the Danish Women’s Network in New York, and createe a Djøf job platform to connect Danish companies women in the city. They are also committed to sustainability:
“Our uniforms are zero-waste. They are organic, unisex and one-size fair trade t-shirts with a landfill fabric on the back and numbers made of bicycle tubes. They are produced in New York and designed by @malaika_new_york. For each game uniform, she donates a tree.” — Team Formation

Team Equality League Enforcers

This team believes in the benefits of sport for all, and work to end discriminatory laws and cultural practices. They partnered on the ‘Sport for Human Rights Award’ honouring the Iranian stadium activists who fight stop the 40-year ban that excludes Iranian women from watching men’s matches
“Freedom to participate in sport is a basic human right.” — Equality League

Team Goleadoras

Back this year to defend their 2018 title, Goleadoras runs football leagues for girls and teenagers from poor Latin America neighbourhoods.
“We seek to battle the abyss and the violence of gender disparity by empowering girls in a personal, intuitive way.” — Goleadoras

Team San Diego Soccer Women

This team fields women from their 30s up to their 70s. With the motto “every woman every age”, they want to make age and gender discrimination visible to society by playing for Goal 10 — Reduced Inequalities.
“San Diego Soccer Women, as a collective of players, league, sponsors, tournament organizers, supporters and fans, aims to increase the visibility of women’s soccer throughout the region.” — Brandi Mitchel, captain

Team Green Hope Foundation

Captain Kehkashan Basu founded Green Hope Foundation in 2012. Last year, she was named one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence, and this September she was chosen as Futurum Careers’s Youth Ambassador for Environment Research.
The foundation mobilizes young people to plant trees and advocate for climate action, and work in 14 countries to mitigate climate change, especially working with vulnerable communities.
“Climate change and global warming are the biggest threats to the future of human kind.” — Kehkashan Basu

Team Long Island Spirit

This is a group of fierce, older women from the Long Island Ladies Soccer League. They are working with the UN to write treaties to hold countries accountable for deep water ocean pollution of plastics, as well as garbage, mining and fracking.

“We will do whatever it takes to be part of this.” — Team Long Island Spirit

Team Greens

This team comprises players from the private sector, government, and sports clubs with the focus on Goal 15 — Life on Land.
“We believe that a healthy land makes a healthy life and nation, and since we are determined to spread awareness about it, we will play for it in New York City.” — Team Greens

Team Hestia FC

Team Hestia FC is the GGWCup Europe 2019 Overall Champion playing for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. They spent their prize on organizing a big celebration during the Eid in Greece and the team’s home field.
“My vision is that the women of my team will become inspiring role models, not only for other refugee women but for women with fewer opportunities in general.” — Katerina Salta

Team FK Lvice Černín (FC Lionesses Czernin)

These women work at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which funds programmes to support democracy and human rights, using the Czech Republic’s experience with the social transition and democratization of the country.
“Transparency, [the] fight against corruption and support of public participation are among our long term priorities. — Team FK Lvice Černín

Team SAP 4 the SDGs

SAPNextGen are the co-hosts of the GGWCup finals. They decided to go onto the pitch for Goal 17 — Partnerships for the goals. The team is dedicated to growing partnerships; building awareness and advocacy for the goals in the private and public sectors.
“Our ethos is built on partnerships.” — Team SAP 4 the SDGs

Root for the teams and root for the Global Goals. Follow the tournament on social media: #GGWCup #TakeTheBall

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