Ghana boosts farming productivity

Solar-powered irrigation helps increase income and yields

Iddrisu Aboubakar has been farming for 13 years in the dryer region of Tamalgu, Northern Ghana.

“Life was unbearable, and taking care of a family of ten while living with my father a challenge. ” — Iddrisu.

With solar irrigation, farmers from 4 localities in Northern Ghana can irrigate their vegetable and fruit fields all year-round.

I now make enough money from the sales of my crops for my family to eat vegetables and fruits from my farm.” — Iddrisu.

The pumps are capable of watering up to a total of 15 hectares of land and deliver up to 1 million litres of water each day.
“I knew the sun had power, but I never imagined it could change my life for good.” — Hawa
Iddrisu bought a motorbike, which makes the daily 12 km journey to his farm much easier.

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