Hydro power boosts development in the DR Congo

Rural electrification helps tackle instability and provides livelihoods

The Masisi Territory in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo is renowned for its green hills, cattle breeding and excellent cheese, but the region suffers from isolation and has weak basic infrastructure that affects residents’ daily lives, particularly their ability to find meaningful work.

The Masisi Territory in North Kivu, DRC, has great agricultural potential, but its isolation hampers development.
Only 9% of the Congolese are on the electric grid.
Socio-economic development projects play a vital role in tackling the rural exodus to the cities.
The realities of the Masisi, such as its lack of accessibility in rainy season, made the construction of the plant cumbersome.
An engineer in charge of the site makes adjustments.
Masisi shop holders were running their shops without electricity, which limited their ability to sell and preserve perishable goods.
Rural electrification helps relieve women and girls of domestic chores.

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