A Day in My Life: Anbar youth share stories of those affected by COVID-19 in Iraq

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Anbar Youth Group.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people across the world, including those in every occupation imaginable. The Anbar Youth Group for Peace, supported by UNDP, has produced a series of videos called “A Day in My Life” that document a day in the life of various people who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Iraq. The campaign aims to shed light on members of Iraqi society who have not stopped their work and continue to provide services during the pandemic. While sharing their stories, interview subjects divulge how they have gone above and beyond to help those around them in need despite extraordinary circumstances.

“This initiative focuses on accepting the idea of a temporary change in daily routines and coexisting during the pandemic by adhering to preventive measures until the crisis ends. This series reflects the importance of human solidarity as one of the basic and universal values on which relationships should be based to solve problems, end crises, and strengthen social cohesion.” — A statement by the Anbar Youth Group for Peace.

In partnership with Wasel Tasel Humanitarian Foundation, 10 videos have been produced. The series includes interviews with a doctor, media representative, a volunteer, a person who recovered after being affected with the coronavirus, a sign language specialist, a schoolteacher, a cleaner, and a restaurant employee.

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Screenshot of interview with the Doctor.

“The coronavirus has affected the world, and especially me in my daily life as a doctor. I had to deal with dangerous and emerging conditions that I had not previously dealt with. Through my personal account on Facebook I announced my availability for online consultations and to receive questions and cases. I received no less than 600 medical consultations during the lockdown.” — Iraqi doctor featured in the web series.

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Screenshot of interview with the volunteer.

“The lockdown and curfew affected my work as a volunteer. I had to adjust and liaise with the local government, adhering to all safety measures. I was able to continue my work collecting donations and helping needy families, especially those who depend on daily wages. In addition, I distributed Personal Protective Equipment and medical supplies to those in need.” — Iraqi volunteer featured in the web series.

The youth and women groups supported by UNDP are active in their communities in the governorates of Ninewa, Salah al-Din, Diyala and Anbar, thanks to support from the Government of Denmark.

View all videos here.

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